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The year the world stopped!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Who ever thought that our generation would experience a pandemic like the Covid-19? I didn't for sure.

The worldwide economy is facing a challenge time. Businesses are struggling to adjust, and many are closing, jobs that once were safe (if they ever were) are now non-existent and parents became teachers, jobs that once couldn't be done from home are now being done from home.

What this new world means to us marketers?

We need to overcome the panic in first place, stop the marketing activities is not a wise option because if you don't have a marketing strategy in place how are you going to reach your audience?

I believe that reduces the expenses is a must in these days and that applies to marketing too (yes, you are reading it right) but that doesn't mean that you should cut your marketing activities, you just need a new strategy and focus.

Your marketing strategy needs to change and adapt. Your customers are still there, still have needs and are as confused and worried as you, however they need you.

I recommend the development of a SWOT analysis and employ the RE-THINK process.

RE-THINK Process
RE-THINK Process

One of our clients, a local restaurant has converted its restaurant into a mini-supermarket an add-on to their take away option that can be ordered by phone or on Deliveroo.

By doing this they managed to attract new customers and retain their regular customers.

Marketers need to evolve, businesses need to innovate and adhere to simple processes rather than complicate what could be simple and more cost-effective.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts and what challenges are you facing.

Elsa Bennett

EB Marketing Consultancy

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